MEENISTfaceups is a BJD aesthetics service offered by me, Sam. I have been painting and modifying dolls for over half a decade out of my home studio in PA, USA. My style has developed after years of working with the creative ideas of customers from around the world.
No matter where life takes me, I always come back to art. Fine art, music, writing—if I’m not involved in one of these things, it never feels right. I hope you will join me for a little while on my journey by sharing a part of your creative world with me.
If you are interested in my art outside of BJD work, please visit my 2D portfolio.
For questions about what BJDs are, where to get them, and how to care for them, I suggest signing up for an account at the Den of Angels forums.
For any direct questions, you can always reach me at meenistfaceups@gmail.com