The following prices include a professionally painted and sealed custom order and at least one high quality image of the finished work posted to flickr. You will be given credit for owning the doll in the description. I pay all PayPal fees.
faceups | body blushing | fantasy parts | tattoos | modifications

faceups by size:

Dollfie Dream:

85.00 USD

SD, MSD, Zaoll (7-10’):

85.00 USD

Tinies, Unoa (6-7’’):

80.00 USD

USD 5-6’’ or smaller (Pukifee, etc):

65.00 USD

faceup extras:

eyelash application:

7.00 USD

(FREE if you provide your own)

starting at +15.00 USD

facial hair:

starting at +10.00 USD

skin texturing:




removal of existing faceup:

15.00 USD

body blushing by size:


65.00 USD

MSD, Zaoll:

60.00 USD

Tinies, Unoa:

50.00 USD

smaller bodies (pukifee, etc):

30.00-40.00 USD

larger bodies (Dollshe, SuperGem, etc):

80.00 USD

(please note, hand/feet blushing and mani/pedi is additional)

body blushing extras:

hand blushing and manicure:

10.00 USD

feet blushing and manicure:

10.00 USD

full-body freckling:

15.00 USD


starting at 15.00 USD

resin matching:

15.00 USD

(will only match head to body, and only when possible)

fantasy parts

Please fill out the details of your request on your commission form for an accurate quote. For general reference, fantasy blushing will start at a slightly higher price than standard body blushing.


black only:

starting at 20.00 USD


starting at 45.00 USD


open “dreaming” eyes:

20.00 USD

seam sanding:

starting at 50.00 USD

hot glue sueding:

15.00 USD

*I will not do sand seaming on tan or fantasy resin. Discoloration may still exist even on lighter resins.