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materials used

Rembrandt Pastels, Zoukei-Mura acrylics and thinner, Liquitex & Tamiya glosses. MSC Flat UV Cut for sealing and 100% pure, colorless acetone for wiping faceups.

how to commission me

Please fill out and submit a commission form. I will respond via email within 48 hours to let you know if I am able to take on your request. I will then send an itemized PayPal invoice.


I require payment in full and in advance to you sending your doll to me. I prefer PayPal, but you may send cash via mail at your own risk.

Payment holds your spot for a month. If you neglect to send your doll by then, you forfeit your money and your commission slot.


When returning your doll, I will always use USPS Priority, insured for the amount you specify on your commission form. You are responsible for return shipping costs and I will provide you with that quote at the end of the process.

Shipping tips:
  • Pack your head with a face shield, especially if you are requesting eyelash application. If you don’t have a face shield, various plastic lids tend to work. Experiment!
  • Use a sturdy box with padding inside that will last the trip to me and back to you.
  • Provide eyes and eye putty for pictures of your finished doll. This helps me visualize your character when painting, as well.

time frame

Expect to see your finished faceup approximately 4 weeks from the time I receive the doll. Extraneous variables such as weather will affect that number, as I do not spray sealant in freezing or precipitous weather (it will ruin the faceup).
If you need to expedite the process, we can do so for 20.00 per week.


You can email me at any time to ask questions about the status of your doll’s faceup. I do not offer progress pictures of faceups, as I feel that they do not represent the final product well. I also do not publicly list “slots” or faceup status for the privacy of my customers and myself.

doll photo

You will receive at least one high quality image of the finished work, hosted on flickr and Facebook. The reveal is my favorite part! If you are happy with the final result, I will have your doll on its way back to you ASAP.

announcements and specials

Updates will usually be posted on my Facebook page. Please “like” it to stay in touch.


I do not do work on recast dolls.

refund and redo policy

Refunds are only offered if your doll receives damages in my care. This has never happened.

I have love for and investment in every doll I paint. It is not possible to erase or modify part of a faceup after it is finished. Everything has been layered and sealed many times to give it that rich effect. In the end, if you are still unhappy, I will charge a re-do fee of 75% of the original price.

I want you to be happy with your faceup! Please make sure you like my evolving style, and that you have specified any specific details you must have in your commission form. If you are looking for machine-like symmetry, I may not be the artist for you.

using doll images

I will use the finished photos of your doll to promote my work on DoA, my online portfolio, flickr, and/or other social media sites. I will credit you as their owner. Please let me know if you have any restrictions.

You may use the images I take anywhere you would like, but please provide a link back to my website. Please do not remove my logo from the photos I take, it is sometimes the only way interested people can find their way back to me.


Your positive feedback is what keeps my shop running. If you have a DoA account, please take a few moments to add to my thread here!